Emily Dickinson PTSA

The PTSA Treasurer and Co-Treasurers manage all the financial aspects of the PTSA. This includes all fund paid and received, various licenses and certifications we are required to have as a registered non-profit organization, our tax filing and of course - planning our yearly budget, tracking against it on an on-going basis and producing monthly and annual reports. 

Once a year, usually in late spring, at a General Membership Meeting, the PTSA board prepares a proposed budget for the following fiscal year. This budget must be approved by the General Membership. 

Current Approved Budget

Click here to view the approved 2018-2019 PTSA budget. If you have any questions about the budget or other financial areas, please contact treasurer@dickinsonptsa.org

PTSA Investments

This poster, prepared for the final meetings and event in 2014-2015, provides insight into how PTSA funds are spent. 

Past Years PTSA Budgets