Emily Dickinson PTSA


As we enter into the warmer weather it is very important that parents, and students review our dress code.  Parents should ensure that their children come to school dressed appropriately according to the day's activities and weather.  The following clothing is NOT acceptable.

  • Short-shorts and short skirts (if the student's short/skirt length is above the index finder when the arm is extended,)
  • Exposed midriffs
  • Tube tops or halter tops
  • Underwear that is visible
  • Clothing that contains suggestive language regarding tobacco, drugs, alcohol, sexuality or violence

If the student's clothing does not reflect the above guidelines, s/he will speak with the counselor and/or a building administrator.  The parents will be notified and arrangements will be made to change the inappropriate clothing. 


Dressing appropriately keeps our students healthy and develops habits and skills necessary for success in school and in the workplace.