Emily Dickinson PTSA

Announcing the 2018 Dreagle Dash Fun Run! 

Friday, October 26, 4-5pm  

The Dickinson/Explorer Fun Run will be our biggest fundraiser of the school year!  This is a fun fitness activity for Kindergarteners through Fifth Graders. All children will run laps and aim for their personal best distance. Accommodations or assistance will be made available to make this event accessible for all our students.  We hope you and your child will join us for this fun after school event!

Our goal is to create a community-building day for all and to raise money for our school! Funds raised by our PTSA will go directly back to our school to benefit our students. Targeted programs include Netbooks, Art Smart, Choir, Theater, Enrichment Programs, emergency preparedness, field trips, classroom supplies and much more!

Remember, our 1st Annual Fun Run is on October 26, so please register now to help us raise as much as we can for our school.  With your help, we can continue to fund all of our amazing programs and services!

HOW TO REGISTER:  Check out our video here! 

  1. Register Online at www.thegetmovincrew.com even if you collect cash and check donations, please complete registration.
  2. Collect Donations - Cash & Checks preferred for 100% donation. Donation requests should be to family, friends and neighbors only. Please stay away from strangers or going door-to-door, please do not allow your child to sponsor another child and please do not ask teachers, staff or the Principal to sponsor a child.
    • Cash:  Bills Only, no coins
    • Checks:  Payable to "Dickinson PTSA"
    • Online:  www.thegetmovincrew.com - for families and friends not in the area.  Please note, we are charged a fee of up to 15% for online donations, so cash and checks are preferred!
  3. Return Permission Slip to your teacher or front office by October 18
  4. Return fundraising envelope to your teacher or front office by October 24
  5. Attend the Fun Run on October 26!
    • A parent or designated chaperone must attend the run with your child. 


Our goal is for each child to raise $100!  For every $50 raised your child will receive a raffle ticket to win a prize.  Only one prize per child.  To view the prize list click here.  Classes that raise the most money will also receive a special prize.

On the day of the run, students who raise a minimum of $25 will receive a custom designed Dreagle Dash T-shirt!  If your student has been given permission to attend the event after school, he/she will also be given a wristband.  After dismissal, all students staying will report to the Commons.  Parents and chaperones can meet them here!
Volunteers are needed to make this event happen.  Please sign up here!