Emily Dickinson PTSA



Spelling Bee 2019-2020


Join us for the second annual Dickinson & Explorer S-P-E-L-L-I-N-G  B-E-E! 



Registration is open to all students in Grades 1 through 5.  Cost is $5, which is paid online at the time of registration.  The fee covers enrollment, optional practice sessions, access to the Scripps National Spelling Bee 2019-2020 Study List, qualifying written test, a participation certificate, and supplies.  Click here to register before Tuesday, January 14!  Only registered students may participate in the Dickinson-Explorer Spelling Bee.



Join the two optional after-school practice sessions on Thursdays, December 12 and 19, from 3:50-4:50pm in the Dickinson Commons + take the grade-level written test.



Study on your own + take the grade-level written test.



(Updated schedule due to snow)  The grade-level written test is after school on Thursday, January 16 from 3:50-5:00pm.  Written test words will come from the Scripps National Spelling Bee Study List (ONE BEE, TWO BEE, THREE BEE, Spelling with Definitions).  The top three students of the written test in each grade will advance to a Mock Bee and the School Spelling Bee.  In the event of a tie or equal finish during the grade-level written test, new words will be given until the top three written tests per grade are identified.  Please note that although Spelling Bees begin with words from the Study List, they often end with new words participants have not studied.  Additionally, there will be NO make-up written test because it is a live test measured against other participants. 


The top three students of the written test in each grade will advance to a voluntary Mock Bee after school on Tuesday, January 21 from 3:50-4:30pm.  The Mock Bee is for practice only and introduces oral spelling to our 15 finalists while facing a panel of judges*. 


Our 15 finalists will compete in the School Spelling Bee on Wednesday, January 22 from 5:30-7:30pm in the Commons.  Our school community is invited to attend and watch this final event.


One winner will represent Dickinson-Explorer at the Regional Spelling Bee on February 29.

The runner-up will serve as an alternate winner and represent Dickinson-Explorer at the Regional Spelling Bee should the winner not attend for any reason.


Questions?  Please email our Spelling Bee Coordinator, Samia, at sjalali@dickinsonptsa.org


The Spelling Bee is a PTSA initiative and sponsored by Emily Dickinson PTSA.  If not a PTSA member, please consider joining here!  Like all enrichment programs, we need volunteers to help administer the two after-school practice sessions and the grade-level written test.  We appreciate your support of our school’s Spelling Bee, which enriches education and promotes the academic skills of our students.  It’s buzzworthy stuff indeed!


Click here to register!  



  • Register before 1/14
  • Optional after-school practice sessions: 12/12 and 12/19,  3:50-4:50pm
  • Grade-level written test: 1/16,  3:50-5:00pm
  • Mock Bee: 1/21, 3:50-4:30pm
  • School Spelling Bee: 1/22, 5:30-7:30pm


*When spelling orally, judges are looking at lips for clear enunciation and will keep a two-minute timer.  During the two minutes, spellers may ask to hear the word again, ask for the definition, sentence, part of speech, language(s) of origin, and alternate pronunciations**.  Spellers may not ask root word questions or request slower pronunciation.  It is the speller’s responsibility to say each letter distinctly and with sufficient volume to be understood by the judges.  According to the “2020 Rules for Local Spelling Bees”, judges are in complete control of the competition and their decision is final on all questions.

**Scripps National Spelling Bee recommends Merriam-Webster for correct pronunciation, definition, etc.