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Art Docent Task breakdown:

  • Arrange art class schedule with teacher-  Can be done over email from home. Time estimate: 30 minutes
  • Lesson Planning-  Use an already created lesson plan from past years or one being already taught by another docent. This involves looking through art supply cabinet or reaching out to other docents via our Facebook group. Time estimate: 20 minutes
  • Create Lesson Plan from scratch - Inspired to create your own lesson? Awesome!!!! This involves figuring out materials needed, planning what to say, steps to teach, possible PowerPoint creation to help teach. Time Estimate: 2 - 10 hours (depends on complexity and your skill at creating lessons)
  • *Gathering materials-  You can find most if not all of your materials in the art smart supply area. Time estimate: 15 -30 minutes
  • Teach the lesson-  Most teachers allow for 1 hour and some teachers allow for 1 1/2 or more to complete the lesson. Actual lecture time in front of class is usually around 10 minutes for younger classes and up to 30 minutes in the older classes. Time estimate: 1 - 1 1/2 hour
  • *Clean up of classroom and supplies-  After the lesson is taught the classroom needs to be cleaned up as well as supplies. Supplies need to be returned to the art smart room. Depending on supplies used this time can vary. Time estimate: 15 minutes - 1 hour
  • *Displaying finished art in the hallways- This involves mounting 2D art onto black paper to create a "frame" and adding students names. Gluing 25 pieces of art can take about 1 hour. And making a pleasing wall arrangement and stapling/pinning each one to the wall can take another hour. Time estimate: 2 hours
  • Art docent helpers - Can be a HUGE help. They can take on the tasks of gathering materials, cleaning up, mounting and hanging art in the hallways. *These tasks in RED are perfect for Helpers!


Overall time estimate for ONE PERSON: 2 to 3 hours for lesson prep and teaching + 2 to 3 hours for clean up, mounting, and displaying art = 5 to 6 hours



Overview of the Art Smart timeline:



Art docent recruitment and training – no Art Smart lesson required although a few docents may be eager to reach out to their child’s teacher and get started early – Lucky class!


Art Smart classroom lessons get underway. Art Smart lessons can be combined with auction projects (which will be a PTSA priority).

November - April

Art Smart lesson each month (plan on 1-2 hours of class time per lesson)


Classes will tour the Art of Discovery exhibit in library (30 minutes long) with option of also scheduling a separate Art Smart lesson.

*May is also when we showcase art projects from the school year in the annual Art Walk.


Artwork finally goes home in student portfolios






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