Emily Dickinson PTSA 2.8.13





Emily Dickinson PTSA (EDPTSA) is governed by a number of rules and regulations.  In addition, we have defined a number of policies to provide consistency and transparency of all PTSA business.  If you have questions or concerns about any of the below rules and policies, please contact president@dickinsonptsa.org


Washington State PTA Bylaws

EDTSA is affiliated with the WA State PTA and, as such, follows the WA State PTA Bylaws. 

WA State Bylaws


EDPTSA Standing Rules

Standing Rules are the specific conditions or rules that our PTSA voted on to govern ourselves within the scope of the state bylaws.  Below are the Standing Rules submitted to and approved by PTSA membership at a General Membership Meeting in Oct 2023.

Emily Dickinson PTSA Standing Rules Oct 2023


EDPTSA Policies

We have defined and will follow these policies to deliver on our mission and vision, and to apply consistent processes across our work. 

Board of Directors Attendance Policy

Guests Attending Board of Directors Meetings

Meetings Code of Conduct


Extracurricular Programs Policies + Requirement Agreement

Financial Assistance for Extracurricular Activities

Non-Student Participation in PTSA Programs


Classroom Reimbursement Policy

Approving Check Requests + Reimbursements

Gifts + Celebrations Policy

Advertising + Sponsorships Policy

WSPTA Best Practices, PTA Financial Management


Legislative Assembly + State Conventions


Emily Dickinson PTSA    7040  208th Ave NE    Redmond WA 98053    425 936 2530    LWSD

Emily Dickinson PTSA 2.8.13 is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.  We serve Emily Dickinson Elementary and Explorer Community School on Union Hill in Redmond, WA.  Tax ID # 91-1212455.