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Throughout the school year, there are multiple opportunities to help by donating food.

Year-round: Pantry Packs

When kids don’t get enough to eat, they can’t concentrate and they can’t learn. Teachers tell stories of kids excited to be at school on Mondays because they can eat there through federal programs. But these same children, in the Lake Washington School District (LWSD), often go hungry on weekends, or during school breaks. Hopelink’s Pantry Packs program provides weekend packs of food for about 440 LWSD students who are identified as being “food insecure.” With community donations of kid-friendly food and funds, 40-50 volunteers come together each month to “pack the packs” at Hopelink’s Kirkland/Northshore warehouse. Volunteer drivers then deliver the packs to schools where the packs get into the hands of hungry children.

We have a collection bin for donations outside the office. Our Messenger newsletter will communicate monthly the needed food, but these are always good, kid-friendly foods to donate. For more information, please contact services@dickinsonptsa.org or HopeLink directly at PantryPacks@hope-link.org.

Classroom Snack Drive

Teachers need a supply of emergency snacks on hand for kids who forgot theirs or just don't have any. Periodically, we will run a Snack Drive at Dickinson to make sure teachers have them on hand. Best options here are nut-free, more nutritious than saltines and not messy. Some ideas include Nut free granola bars, squeeze fruit pouches, fruit leather, shelf stable crackers and cheese. Watch the Messenger newsletter to find out when a Snack Drive is happening!



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Emily Dickinson PTSA 2.8.13 is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.  We serve Emily Dickinson Elementary and Explorer Community School on Union Hill in Redmond, WA.  Tax ID # 91-1212455.