Emily Dickinson PTSA 2.8.13






  • Must be a member of the local PTSA unit.
  • Required to attend all Board Meetings and General Membership Meetings:
    • Board meetings are the third Thursday of the month.
    • General Membership meetings are in October, February and May.
  • Invite people to monthly Board Meetings as needed.
  • Required to attend one LWPTSA council meeting during the year; this will be assigned.
  • Contact each committee chair for a monthly report due for the Board Meeting; done the week before the Board Meeting.
  • Meet/connect with committee chairs periodically to discuss budget concerns, and how committee work is progressing.
  • Attend at least 1 approved training class prior to May.
  • If unable to fill a committee chair position, then the area Vice President is responsible for tasks until a chair is found.
  • Attend Back to School Night to sign up volunteers for your area and meet PTSA community members.
  • Should be able to answer any questions or concerns voiced by any member of our community. If unable to, take their name and find someone who can.
  • Be familiar with procedure notebook and its contents.
  • Be familiar with the Standing Rules for Dickinson Elementary PTSA.

Emily Dickinson PTSA    7040  208th Ave NE    Redmond WA 98053    425 936 2530    LWSD

Emily Dickinson PTSA 2.8.13 is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.  We serve Emily Dickinson Elementary and Explorer Community School on Union Hill in Redmond, WA.  Tax ID # 91-1212455.