Emily Dickinson PTSA 2.8.13





  • Must be a member of the local PTSA unit.
  • Must be knowledgeable in the area you chair.
  • If unable to answer a question of a community member, take the person’s name and find someone who can answer the question.
  • Provide monthly report of activity to the Vice President responsible for that area prior to monthly board meeting.
  • Meet with Vice President of area in September and March to discuss budget concerns, and how committee work is progressing.
  • If unable to fulfill committee obligations, contact Vice President in a timely manner for additional help and support.
  • Effectively publicize event or activity and seek out volunteers. Thank you notes must be written following the event to all volunteers. Any volunteers that were not needed must be contacted prior to the event and thanked for their offer.
  • Utilize allocated funding. If additional funds are required, contact Vice President of area for additional funding request from the board of directors.
  • Be familiar with the procedure notebook and its contents.
  • Must submit all money receipts (cash and/or checks) to the Treasurer promptly. For ongoing collections, alternate arrangements may be made in discussion with the Treasurer, but never longer than the same calendar week the monies were collected.

Emily Dickinson PTSA    7040  208th Ave NE    Redmond WA 98053    425 936 2530    LWSD

Emily Dickinson PTSA 2.8.13 is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.  We serve Emily Dickinson Elementary and Explorer Community School on Union Hill in Redmond, WA.  Tax ID # 91-1212455.