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Reflections 2016 Winners: “What Is Your Story?”

Thank you to all who submitted entries to the Reflections contest.  Pat yourself on the back Dickinson. This year was our biggest participation year at 47 entries in total. We are delighted to have such talented artists, musicians, filmmakers and writers at our school!

Appointed judges outside Emily Dickinson Elementary decided the Finalists. Finalists have been advanced to District and will be judged at that level next. Participation and Finalists ribbons will be presented TOMORROW to students at the “all school assembly” on Friday, December 16th at 9:30am. Parents are welcome to attend.


Dance— (grades 3-5)

East Meets West by Samyuktha Gopinath Lakshmi

Film — (grades 3-5)

Story of persistence by Ananya Diddee

Literature- (grades k-2)

Nature Makes Me Happy by Eliana Snodgrass

Literature- (grades 3-5)

The Dark And Scary Night by Zaina Rahman

What I Like by Julia Cady

The Story of Persistence by Ananya Diddee

Music—(grades k-2)

Dancing in the Air by Radha Shriram

Music—(grades 3-5)

Concerto No. 2 by Zachary Lew

Of Swan Songs and Water Dreams by Samyukta Kaushik

Photography—(grades k-2)

The picture of My orange things by Maximilian Bulkley

Wobbly Bridge by Mia Glaister

Photography—(grades 3-5)

The Silk Fairy and the Spider Web by Stephanie Lizzie Cucerzan

Wildlife by Sydney Starnes

Always on the move by Rilan Springer

Buzzy Bees by Sydney Starnes

Visual Art— (grades K-2)

Yes, I can! by Kimberly Zhao

Memory Heart by Sawyer Chapman

Future floating world by Paras Shah

Me Thinking of Reflections by Mia Glaister

Visual Art— (grades 3-5)

The Jump of Hardship by Marilyn Zhao

The Story Awaits by Zainia Rahman

WHERE HAPPINESS IS COMING FROM by Stephanie Lizzie Cucerzan

A Boys Life, Castles and Cards by Liem Kaplan – *Also representing as Special Artist

The entries that are not advancing will be on display in the school’s library.
Come and enjoy the hard work of these participants:

Ella James, Olivia Grace Johnson, Mia Glaister, Hayden Gradwohl, Kovidh Singh, Kaya Mountain Clark, Shivank Gupta, Eliana Snodgrass, Jordan Cady, Stella Plavsic, Piper Bergstrom, Lucas Glaister, Jagruti Tirunagari, Samhitha Rajashekar, Nihira Cherukuri, Aria Clark, Shreyank Gupta, Lexi Dixon, and Lavinia Angeline Dennis.

Next step: Lake Washington PTA Council will announce their winners before January 1st. The District Reflections Open House / Art Show is Friday night January 6th, 2017 from 6-8pm. This event is open to the public.

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